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TLDMG Gears Up for Disaster Preparedness: Exercise Atlantis

TLDMG Gears Up for Disaster Preparedness: Exercise Atlantis
Image courtesy of Facebook | Townsville Disaster Information

Local agencies in Townsville test their mettle in readiness for severe weather events

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) recently underwent a rigorous annual exercise, simulating a severe tropical cyclone and the aftermath of the Ross River Dam overtopping due to heavy rainfall.

Dubbed “Exercise Atlantis,” this simulation aimed to fine-tune response strategies for such catastrophic scenarios.

Training for Preparedness

Led by Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill, TLDMG members and various agencies, including the Queensland Police Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and the Bureau of Meteorology, participated in this vital exercise.

It was a comprehensive drill involving coordination, communication, decision-making, and recovery planning.

Realistic Challenges

The exercise simulated rainfall amounts up to three times that experienced during the 2019 monsoon event, highlighting the significance of readiness for extreme weather conditions.

Mayor Hill emphasised the importance of these exercises, ensuring everyone involved is well-prepared to handle natural disasters effectively.

A Collaborative Effort

The TLDMG welcomed representatives from the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water, allowing them to witness the group’s coordinated response strategies firsthand.

Community Readiness

Mayor Hill stressed the need for community involvement, urging residents to devise emergency plans, prepare emergency kits, secure their homes, and consider their pets’ safety.

Being proactive and prepared is key to mitigating the impact of adverse weather.

Townsville’s Resilience

The TLDMG’s dedication to honing its disaster response tactics reflects Townsville’s commitment to resilience.

Through meticulous planning, rigorous training, and community engagement, the city aims to face high-risk weather seasons with confidence and readiness.