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Dr. Holly Arden: A Brush with Townsville’s Arts Future

Dr. Holly Arden: A Brush with Townsville's Arts Future
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The Townsville City Council has made an artistic coup by appointing Dr. Holly Arden as the new gallery director. Dr. Arden, a celebrated figure in the art world, brings a wealth of experience to this role.

Her enthusiasm and vision promise to ignite Townsville’s art scene, building on its impressive reputation.

A Renowned Leader Takes Charge

Dr. Holly Arden has been at the forefront of the arts scene, successfully managing galleries, community arts programs, and public art spaces in Brisbane and Melbourne.

With an impressive track record, her appointment is a significant step forward for Townsville’s art community.

A City of Growing Potential

Dr. Arden is thrilled about the prospects that lie ahead. She stated, “Townsville already has a great reputation as a top arts hub with the opportunity for further growth.” Her eagerness to work with local and international artists speaks volumes about her commitment to nurturing the arts in the region.

As the new gallery director, Dr. Arden will curate and program exhibitions across various gallery spaces. She aims to bring groundbreaking exhibitions to the city while showcasing the impressive City of Townsville Art Collection and Art in Public Spaces Collection.

A Strong Arts Community

Ann-Maree Greaney, Chairperson of the Community and Cultural Development Committee, emphasised Townsville’s vibrant arts community.

She pointed out that the council’s support for the arts has been unwavering, with initiatives like the Regional Arts Development Fund and the promotion of street art, Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures, and Civic Theatre.

A Promising Future

The appointment of Dr. Arden further solidifies Townsville’s standing as the arts capital of northern Australia. Her leadership is set to propel the local arts scene to new heights.

With her energy and expertise, Townsville is poised for an exciting and creative future, making art accessible to all in the community.