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Amphibious Training Boosts Townsville Defence Capabilities

Amphibious Training Boosts Townsville Defence Capabilities

Integrated Forces in Action

The Australian Amphibious Force recently demonstrated its operational readiness through a rigorous wet-and-dry environment rehearsal at Cowley Beach and Townsville Field Training Area.

This exercise, held from June 12–20, highlighted the collaboration of various military units, including the 3rd Brigade, 5th Aviation Regiment, 17 Sustainment Brigade, and the Marine Rotational Force—Darwin, all embarked on HMAS Adelaide.

Innovative Training Exercises

One of the standout activities was the shore-to-ship tank recovery serial, executed for the first time.

An M1A1 Abrams tank was recovered by an M88 Hercules recovery vehicle onto a Mexeflote, then winched onto HMAS Adelaide’s heavy vehicle deck using a 45M recovery vehicle. Major General Ash Collingburn praised the soldiers’ ingenuity and highlighted the integrated efforts across all military services.

Operational Readiness and Adaptability

The training encompassed a wide range of activities, from embarking and disembarking to transporting vehicles and artillery by landing craft. A simulated mass casualty event tested the force’s response capabilities, with injured personnel evacuated to HMAS Adelaide by landing craft and helicopter.

The presence of a space liaison officer underscored the growing importance of space domain awareness in modern military operations.

Strategic Importance for Townsville

The successful completion of these exercises is not only a testament to the Australian Amphibious Force’s preparedness but also significantly boosts the strategic importance of Townsville as a key training and operational hub.

Commander Amphibious Task Force Captain Chris Doherty expressed pride in the seamless integration of the Navy, Army, and Air Force, ensuring the force is ready for future contingencies and regional deployments.