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Unveiling the AI Revolution in Townsville

Unveiling the AI Revolution in Townsville

Unlocking the Secrets of AI at Queensland AI Hub Event

On the evening of Wednesday, 28th February 2024, Townsville will be at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution as the Queensland AI Hub hosts ‘Beyond the Prompt’ at the Smart Precinct NQ.

Delving into the AI Landscape

Discover the present and future of AI as speakers, including Dr Dianna Hardy, Senior Lecturer at JCU and QLD AI Hub Townsville Director, share their profound insights.

The event promises an exploration of AI’s applications in diverse business settings.

Meet the Minds Behind the Tech

Join the Q&A panel featuring AI experts and connect with professionals, entrepreneurs, and AI enthusiasts.

Learn from Craig Cruickshank, HSEQ Advisor and Project Manager at SafetyCulture, a multi-billion-dollar tech giant originally from Townsville.

Craig will unravel the mysteries of using generative AI for impactful social marketing campaigns.

Solving Business Challenges with AI

Daniel Kendall, CEO of DAKTECH, will guide us through practical AI techniques that have addressed various business challenges in technology provision.

Gain exclusive access to the inner workings of AI applications, from building models to fine-tuning, as he shares his experiences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the synergy between Townsville’s thriving business environment and the cutting-edge advancements in AI. ‘Beyond the Prompt’ is not just an event; it’s a gateway to understanding the AI landscape that is shaping our future.

Secure your spot at Smart Precinct NQ on 28th February at 5:00 pm. Dive deep, connect, and explore the limitless possibilities that AI brings to our doorstep.