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Unveiling NCC 2022: Crucial Updates and Insights for Townsville’s Building Industry

Unveiling NCC 2022: Crucial Updates and Insights for Townsville's Building Industry

Master Builders Townsville Offices Hosts Essential Info Session

On Tuesday, February 13th, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm AEST, Master Builders Townsville Offices will be hosting a pivotal Industry Info Session.

The primary focus? Shedding light on the often overshadowed technical intricacies within the New Australian Standards and the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, particularly in the context of Townsville’s bustling building sector.

Delving into Technical Shifts: A Synopsis

The NCC 2022 introduced significant alterations in Energy Efficiency and Liveable Housing standards, yet amidst these headline changes, crucial technical amendments have emerged.

Glass barriers, waterproofing for balconies, revised wind speed parameters, slip resistance guidelines for accessible paths in liveable housing, external insulated finishing systems, and proposed alterations to acceptable tiling tolerances are some areas under scrutiny.

Expert Insights from Karen Haworth

Karen Haworth, a highly revered figure with 21 years of profound expertise in the building and construction realm, will lead the discourse. 

As Manager of Planning Services at Master Builders Queensland, her insights and deep technical understanding bring invaluable clarity. 

Haworth’s extensive experience encompasses not only technical aspects but also the mediation and coordination of built-form developments.

Townsville’s Business Community: Secure Your Spot

For Townsville’s business entities navigating the intricate landscape of building and construction, this session is indispensable.

Karen Haworth’s guidance and the technical know-how promised in this event will be pivotal for ensuring compliance and alignment with the latest industry standards.

In a landscape where precision is paramount, staying abreast of these technical shifts isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential for Townsville’s evolving construction industry.

To reserve a spot, visit Eventbrite.