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Unlocking Tomorrow’s Minds: AI Revolution in Townsville Education

Unlocking Tomorrow's Minds: AI Revolution in Townsville Education
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Future-Ready Education & AI Event at NQ Smart Precinct

This April, the NQ Smart Precinct will play host to a groundbreaking event that promises to reshape education in Townsville.

The Future-Ready Education & AI event, spearheaded by Townsville Chapter Directors Dr Dianna Hardy and Kranthi Addanki, is set to illuminate the transformative power of artificial intelligence across all education levels.

Trailblazing Speakers

Renowned experts will share their insights, with Norena Mendiolea, President of the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education, taking the stage.

As CESIS Project Manager for the Townsville Catholic Education Office, Mendiolea brings a wealth of experience in the intersection of AI and education.

Dr Jay Burmeister, a luminary in Physics, Science, and Information Technology at Townsville Grammar School, will also share his perspectives on AI’s impact.

Learning Revolution Unveiled

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising learning, and this event promises a deep dive into its applications.

From personalised learning experiences to cutting-edge teaching methodologies, participants will gain a profound understanding of the evolving landscape.

Ticket to the Future

Secure your spot for this educational milestone today! Tickets are available for the Future-Ready Education & AI event, providing a unique opportunity to witness the fusion of technology and education in action.

Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of Townsville’s educational evolution. Register here.