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Unleashing Fun and Funds: Townsville West State School’s Pawsome Success

Unleashing Fun and Funds: Townsville West State School's Pawsome Success
image courtesy of facebook | Townsville West State School

Wagging Tails and Smiles: A Recap of Townsville West State School’s Story Dog Fundraiser

Townsville West State School transformed into a canine carnival on 8 November 2023, hosting a remarkable Story Dog fundraiser that left tails wagging and spirits soaring.

Amidst the laughter and excitement, the school community rallied together to raise an impressive $433.

Creative Canine Capers

From face painting featuring adorable dog designs to dog collars adorned with glowing name tags (because every pup needs to shine!), the creativity at the fundraiser knew no bounds.

Even bags of doggie treats took on a playful twist, cleverly disguised as tasty cereals.

Bark-worthy Contributions

Beyond the playful façade, the heart of the event was a sausage sizzle that sizzled with success.

The generosity of the wonderful school community shone through as they surpassed expectations, showcasing their commitment to education and community spirit.

Townsville’s Tail-Wagging Community Impact

Townsville West State School’s fundraiser exemplified the spirit of unity and support that defines our vibrant community.

The $433 raised reflects not just financial success but the collective commitment to fostering an engaging and enjoyable educational environment.