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Union Workers at Wilmar Sugar Mills Vote to Strike

Union Workers at Wilmar Sugar Mills Vote to Strike

North Queensland’s sugar industry is facing potential disruption following a successful industrial action ballot involving workers at Wilmar Sugar’s milling operations. Over 92% of AWU members voted in favour of the action in a bid to secure a fair pay raise.

Workers Draw the Line

The AWU’s Queensland Branch Secretary, Stacey Schinnerl, emphasised the strong stance taken by workers in rejecting Wilmar’s previous offer. She highlighted that workers are unwilling to accept a substandard deal from a multinational corporation. The successful ballot paves the way for strike action during the upcoming crush season, a critical period for Wilmar’s peak earnings.

Striking at Peak Earning Season

Ms Schinnerl stressed that the planned industrial action during the crush season would have a significant impact on Wilmar’s operations. The workers are prepared to strike during the period when sugar cane is processed, which could lead to substantial financial repercussions for the company.

Call for Fair Negotiations

The AWU is calling for Wilmar to return to the negotiating table with a fair offer. Ms Schinnerl cautioned Wilmar’s shareholders to reconsider their management strategy and aim for a mutually beneficial outcome to avoid operational disruptions.

Shared Frustrations

Since November, AWU members have been engaging with cane growers and community members across North Queensland. The consensus is that Wilmar’s practices need to be challenged to secure fair pay for its workers and sustain the region’s economy.

The potential strike action at Wilmar Sugar’s mills could impact the broader Australian sugar market and serve as a call for other corporations to ensure fair treatment of their workforce.