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Townsville’s Green Horizon: A $70 Million Investment in Hydrogen Hub

Townsville's Green Horizon: A $70 Million Investment in Hydrogen Hub

Revolutionising the Energy Landscape

The Australian Government is set to transform Townsville into a hub of innovation with a substantial investment of up to $70 million for the development of the Townsville Region Hydrogen Hub.

Hydrogen Hubs, emerging as epicentres for hydrogen production, utilisation, and export, are proving to be pivotal in steering the nation towards a sustainable energy future.

Edify Energy Takes the Helm

Edify Energy, backed by the government’s funding, will spearhead the project, delivering a cutting-edge 17.6 MW demonstration production facility.

This facility will not only integrate renewable energy generation but also produce 800 metric tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

The hydrogen will find applications in local critical mineral processing and zero-emission transport, contributing significantly to environmental conservation.

Local Job Opportunities on the Rise

As construction kicks off next year, the project is expected to generate over 200 direct job opportunities for local electricians, plumbers, fitters, and concreters.

Beyond construction, technical and engineering roles will provide sustained employment, enriching the local workforce. The economic ripple effect is set to strengthen Townsville’s industrial landscape.

Global Ambitions, Local Roots

With plans to scale up production to a staggering 150,000 metric tonnes per year for export, the Townsville Hydrogen Hub is not just a local endeavour but a strategic move in the global energy market.

As one of several Hydrogen Hubs planned across Australia, including locations like Kwinana, the Hunter, Gladstone, Bell Bay, and Port Bonython, Townsville is firmly positioned as a key player in the nation’s green energy revolution.

Looking Forward

Construction will unfold throughout the upcoming years, culminating in 2026, with commercial operations anticipated to commence in 2027.

Townsville’s hydrogen horizon is a beacon of hope, signalling a cleaner, greener future for both the region and Australia at large.

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