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Townsville’s Economic Charge: Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy

Townsville's Economic Charge: Queensland's Battery Industry Strategy

Powering Queensland’s Economy with Cutting-Edge Battery Technologies

Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy, a five-year action plan by the Miles Government, is set to revolutionise the state’s economic landscape.

With a $570 million investment, the strategy leverages Queensland’s prowess in battery technologies and renewable energy to stimulate job growth and position the region as a global investment hub.

Leading the Charge: Queensland’s Global Positioning

Premier Steven Miles states, “The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy establishes Queensland as a global leader in the flow batteries needed to store renewable energy and advanced battery technologies.”

The plan focuses on developing advanced manufacturing of battery materials, cells, pack assembly, installation, and recycling.

Key Funding Allocations: Boosting Innovation and Investment

The $570 million package allocates funds strategically. A significant $275 million supports industry innovation and commercialisation, including $105 million for the Australian Battery Industrialisation Centre.

Another $92.2 million drives battery investment and supply chain growth, featuring an $80 million industry grant program.

Additionally, $202.5 million aims to position Queensland as a preferred supplier of advanced materials and batteries, establishing Batteries Queensland as a central industry contact point.

Regional Impact: Opportunities for Townsville

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Glenn Butcher, emphasises the regional impact, stating, “The Queensland battery industry will deliver opportunities to our regional areas.”

Townsville, with its strong presence in mineral processing, is poised to play a vital role in the development of the battery supply chain.

Jobs, Economy, and Global Transition

Minister for State Development and Infrastructure, Grace Grace, underscores the potential impact, stating, “Queensland’s battery industry could deliver more than 9,100 jobs and contribute up to $1.3 billion to the state’s economy by 2030.”

With a focus on becoming a battery industry capital, Queensland aims to provide jobs and economic opportunities for its communities.

Townsville’s Role in the Energy Revolution

As the world races towards net zero, Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy positions Townsville and the broader Queensland region as key players in the global transition to renewable energy.

The strategy not only drives economic growth but also fosters innovation, and job creation, and secures Queensland’s role as a significant contributor to the clean energy revolution.


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