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Townsville Welcomes Cruise Bonanza: $4.7 Million Boost for Local Economy

Townsville Welcomes Cruise Bonanza: $4.7 Million Boost for Local Economy
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Record-breaking Cruise Season to Enrich Townsville

Townsville is set to embrace its most significant cruise season yet, with the arrival of Silver Muse marking the commencement of a bustling period welcoming 18 vessels to the Port of Townsville.

This influx forecasts an injection of over $4.7 million into the city and its peripheral regions.

An Economic Windfall

The season anticipates hosting more than 21,000 passengers and crew, amplifying direct contributions to local businesses.

Port of Townsville CEO Ranee Crosby expressed excitement about the remarkable 50% surge in bookings compared to the previous season, surpassing national industry growth rates.

With a keen eye on future growth, the Port’s Channel Upgrade project aims to attract larger cruise vessels, fostering consecutive years of record bookings.

Stimulating Local Enterprise

Townsville Enterprise’s Director of Visitor Economy and Marketing, Lisa Woolfe, highlighted the substantial boon for diverse businesses across Townsville and North Queensland.

Cruise passengers, known for fueling the visitor economy, are projected to bolster not only tours and experiences but also smaller establishments such as transport providers, arts venues, dining locales, and retail spaces.

Global Allure and Local Benefits

Townsville’s Journey Towards Economic Prosperity

Mayor Jenny Hill, alongside Member for Townsville Scott Stewart, welcomed the diverse international visitors arriving from countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and more.

Their presence augurs well for local businesses, aligning with ongoing efforts to showcase Townsville’s appeal as the capital of Northern Australia.

Setting Sail for Success

The economic impact of cruise tourism has been substantial nationally, generating $5.63 billion in the industry’s resurgence post-COVID. 

Townsville’s strategic collaborations between the Port, Townsville Enterprise, and civic stakeholders since the inception of Quayside Terminal have fortified its position within this thriving industry.

As Townsville braces for this cruise deluge, the wider community eagerly anticipates the economic infusion and the opportunity to showcase the region’s charm to a global audience.