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Townsville University Hospital’s $2.2 Million Compensation Plan: Restoring Trust in Audiology Care

Townsville University Hospital's $2.2 Million Compensation Plan: Restoring Trust in Audiology Care
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Compensation for Audiology Care Concerns

More than $2.2 million will be distributed to families and individuals affected by audiology care at Townsville University Hospital following a clinical review.

The health service is set to provide one-off ex-gratia payments to 97 families and individuals who require additional testing and follow-up care.

The payments will be offered in two categories: $50,000 for individuals and families facing the most significant impacts, and $5,000 for those who were recalled for additional testing.

Review Identifies Deficiencies

The independent investigation into audiology care at the hospital, initiated in June, has now concluded with 25 recommendations.

This review followed concerning audit results, impacting both children and adult patients. It found that the clinical care and oversight provided to audiology patients did not meet minimum standards, highlighting inconsistencies in the quality of care.

Commitment to Improved Services

The Townsville Hospital and Health Service has reaffirmed its commitment to improving audiology services in collaboration with Children’s Health Queensland and Cochlear Australia.

Although one staff member was stood down and another no longer works for the health service, the health service is prepared to support individuals and families in pursuing personal injury claims.

Rebuilding Trust in Audiology Care

Kieran Keyes, the health service’s chief executive, expressed his commitment to rebuilding trust in audiology care and assured the community that audiology services are now in safe hands.

The Townsville Hospital and Health Board Chair, Tony Mooney, also pledged to implement all the recommendations in the report to restore confidence in audiology care.

The board will closely monitor the progress in implementing these recommendations, ensuring a safer and more reliable audiology service for Townsville residents.