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Townsville High School Trio Triumphs in FIRST Lego League Debut!

Townsville High School Trio Triumphs in FIRST Lego League Debut!
Image courtesy of Facebook | Townsville State High School EQ

Bricks and Bytes Unite in Townsville’s Robotics Debut

In a dazzling display of technological prowess, Townsville State High School‘s dynamic trio—Hannah-Rose, Asher, and Sean—recently ventured into the exciting realm of robotics at the FIRST Lego League competition hosted by Central Queensland University.

A Symphony of Brains and Bots: Townsville’s Artistic Triumph

The ingenious team programmed a Lego EV3 robot, transforming it into a mechanical virtuoso that seamlessly navigated mini-missions set within an arts-inspired wonderland.

From dawn to dusk, their collaboration showcased a harmonious blend of cooperation, ingenuity, and relentless effort.

From Novices to Noteworthy: Townsville’s Stellar Performance

Despite being first-timers in the fierce competition, the trio’s robotic creation secured the 4th highest round score—an astonishing accomplishment that left even seasoned competitors in awe.

In a field dominated by experienced teams, Townsville State High School not only held its ground but soared to new heights.

A Trophy and Cheers: Townsville’s Core Values Shine

The team’s unwavering spirit of support and infectious fun did not go unnoticed. Their commitment to core values—cooperation, ingenuity, effort, and support—earned them the coveted Core Values Award trophy.

It was a well-deserved recognition for a team that not only conquered the robotic challenges but did so with an exuberant spirit that lit up the competition.

Townsville’s Future in Robotics Shines Bright

The remarkable debut in the FIRST Lego League not only showcased their technical acumen but also highlighted the vibrant spirit that sets them apart. Watch out, robotics world—Townsville has arrived!