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Townsville Healthcare Revolution: A Bright and Healthy Future

Townsville Healthcare Revolution: A Bright and Healthy Future
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As the Townsville region’s population grows by 30% over the next two decades, the need for cutting-edge healthcare facilities is highlighted.

A Prescription for Progress

As a result, the Townsville Hospital and Health Service is starting on a bold path that will improve healthcare in north Queensland. From late 2023 to 2026, a surge of ambitious expansion and renovation initiatives will transform community healthcare.

Townsville University Hospital: Expanding Horizons

Townsville University Hospital, which is undergoing a $530 million expansion, is at the vanguard of modern healthcare transformation. The massive project comprises the construction of a brand-new multi-story clinical building, which will provide 143 more overnight beds.

By late 2026, the hard work of a dedicated crew of 1,454 will have propelled this development to near completion. With this additional financing, the hospital will be able to provide more services and meet the rising community’s healthcare requirements.

Kirwan Health Campus: Nurturing Growth

The Kirwan Health Campus is not far behind, with a $40 million expansion and makeover ongoing. This project includes a new two-story facility as well as renovations to existing buildings. The expanded campus will meet the rising population’s demand for outpatient prenatal and postnatal care, as well as oral health services.

In October 2023, construction commenced, and a team of skilled workers set out to complete the project by late 2024, generating a total of 111 job opportunities.

Futuristic Hybrid Theatre

Consider Townsville University Hospital’s state-of-the-art hybrid operating theatre. With a $17 million budget, this unique hybrid theatre will integrate surgical facilities with the latest medical imaging equipment, simplifying surgical processes.

This innovation will not only save time but will also improve patient care by decreasing the need to relocate during operations. Scheduled to kick off in late 2023, the project aims to wrap up by mid-2024, generating a total of 48 job opportunities along the way.

Expanding Outpatient Services

Outpatient services at Townsville University Hospital are also on the list for expansion, with a $6.6 million budget. This effort intends to increase clinical space and broaden the range of services offered to the community.

With plans to commence construction in late 2023, the project sets a realistic target of reaching completion by mid-2024, providing employment opportunities for a team of eleven individuals.

Persistent Pain Management for a Brighter Future

Among the many changes, the Persistent Pain Management clinics will undergo a substantial shift as they relocate to a new, purpose-built facility at Townsville University Hospital.

This $4 million project focuses on amalgamation and customisation, with development set to commence in late 2023 and practical completion in mid-2024, producing chances for 11 people.