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Townsville City Council Pioneers the Path to Zero-Waste Future

Townsville City Council Pioneers the Path to Zero-Waste Future

Leading the Charge in Recycling and Waste Reduction

The Townsville City Council is at the forefront of the zero-waste movement, setting an example for sustainable practices.

The latest Annual Report, unveiled at October’s Ordinary Council Meeting, revealed the city’s remarkable progress in recycling, waste reduction, and renewable energy utilisation.

Diversions from Landfill: A Milestone Achievement

Under the guidance of Water and Resource Recovery Committee chairperson Russ Cook the Council has made significant strides in waste reduction.

In the 2022/23 financial year, over 102,000 metric tonnes of waste, equivalent to one million wheelie bins, were diverted from landfills, a substantial step towards minimising environmental impact.

Rescuing Materials with Tip Shops

In a commendable effort, nearly 270 tonnes of materials found a new lease on life through sales at the Council’s tip shops. This initiative not only reduces landfill waste but also contributes to a sustainable, circular economy.

Reducing Commercial and Demolition Waste

The Council’s efforts were further highlighted by a reduction of 1,717 metric tonnes of commercial and demolition waste sent to landfills. This decrease is a testament to the commitment towards preserving the environment.

FOGO Trial’s Organic Waste Diversion

The successful FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics) trial diverted 800 metric tonnes of organic waste from ending up in landfills, making a significant impact on reducing methane emissions and the overall carbon footprint.

Empowering the Community

In addition to these achievements, the Council dedicated resources to educating the community on recycling and reusing. Initiatives like the Reusable Rebate Program were designed to provide residents with valuable information and rebates for purchasing reusable products, enhancing eco-consciousness.

Investing in Renewable Energy

To further reduce the city’s environmental footprint, the Council invested in renewable energy. Council-owned buildings have seen the installation of rooftop solar panels, a sustainable approach to lower energy costs.

Greening the Fleet

To promote eco-friendly transportation, the Council expanded its fleet with six renewable energy cars and one hybrid truck. This shift towards electric vehicles contributes to reducing emissions and decreasing the city’s carbon footprint.

The Townsville City Council’s commitment to recycling, waste reduction, and renewable energy is a shining example of how a community can make a substantial impact on environmental sustainability.