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Townsville City Council Intensifies Efforts in Graffiti Clean-Up

Townsville City Council Intensifies Efforts in Graffiti Clean-Up

Enhanced Policies and Resources Bolster the Battle Against Illegal Graffiti

Townsville City Council has fortified its stance on eradicating graffiti with a revamped Public Graffiti Management Policy.

Recent updates, approved at December’s Ordinary Council Meeting, unveil a proactive approach to combating the surge in graffiti incidents, aligning efforts to maintain the city’s allure and curb visual disorder.

Stepping Up the Clean-Up

The council’s resolve to tackle graffiti manifests in the allocation of two dedicated painters tasked specifically with eradicating graffiti sprawled across the cityscape.

Highlighting a staggering 34% surge in graffiti clean-up costs over the past year, the council has already expended $94,000 this year, prompting a strategic reinforcement of resources to curb this visual nuisance.

Combatting Graffiti: Urgency and Strategic Eradication

Council’s Community Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson, Maurie Soars, emphasised the gravity of swift graffiti removal. “Graffiti, a visual crime, perpetuates a sense of disorder in our community and tarnishes our city’s aesthetics,” noted Cr. Soars. 

Immediate eradication remains pivotal, with specific timeframes outlined in the updated policy: 24 hours for offensive graffiti, three days for highly visible sites, and five days for all other instances.

Empowering the Community

Townsville’s Graffiti Action Plan 2021-2024, implemented two years ago, recommended making graffiti removal kits accessible for property owners.

Expanding on this initiative, the Council now extends these kits, encompassing cleaning products, paint, protective gear, and cleaning tools, free of charge to both property owners and renters.

A Collective Effort for a Pristine Cityscape

Encouraging community involvement, the Council aims to empower individuals to take proactive measures to maintain the cleanliness of their surroundings.

As Townsville forges ahead in its battle against graffiti, these strategic measures affirm the Council’s commitment to fostering a visually appealing and orderly urban environment.

For more information on acquiring graffiti removal kits or reporting graffiti, visit Townsville City Council’s official website.