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The Oasis Townsville’s 3rd Anniversary: A Night of Celebration

The Oasis Townsville’s 3rd Anniversary: A Night of Celebration

The Oasis Townsville recently marked its 3rd anniversary, celebrating with an Open Night event that highlighted its unwavering dedication to the Veteran community.

Milestones and Achievements

The Oasis Townsville has been a pivotal support system for Veterans over the past three years. General Manager Angie Barsby expressed pride in the organisation’s accomplishments, noting that since its inception, The Oasis has provided 7,500 hours of booked Hut time, hosted 3,300 activities, and supported 1,620 unique clients.

These impressive statistics underscore the significant impact The Oasis has had on the lives of Veterans in Townsville.

Community Engagement and Support

The success of The Oasis Townsville can be attributed to the commitment of its team and the strong support from the local community.

The Open Night, held on June 7th, was a testament to this, with a variety of free activities and entertainment available for attendees.

The evening featured music from a DJ, delicious food from WoodFired Pizza and Dirty Boots Cafe, and engaging activities such as laser skirmish, a Velcro wall, and Dungeons & Dragons sessions.

There were also creative options like watercolour painting and Lego displays.

Looking Ahead

As The Oasis Townsville celebrated this milestone, it reaffirmed its mission to support Veterans with resources, guidance, and community connections.

The organisation’s continued efforts are crucial, especially in regions like Townsville and similar communities in Australia where Veteran support services play a vital role.

The Oasis Townsville’s 3rd Anniversary Open Night was more than a celebration—it was a reflection of the meaningful change the organisation has brought to the Veteran community and a glimpse into its promising future.

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