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Suburban Success at State Champion of Club Champions Fours Finals

uburban Success at State Champion of Club Champions Fours Finals
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Townsville’s Suburban Women Shine in State Finals

In a thrilling display of talent and determination, Suburban, the pride of Townsville, has shown its mettle at the 2023 State Champion of Club Champions Fours Finals, held in Mackay. The results so far have left no room for doubt: Suburban is here to claim their stake in the championships, and the women’s team, in particular, has shone brightly.

Ladies Make Townsville Proud

In the women’s event, the Suburban team, consisting of Wendy Jones, replacement player Delia Walsh, Lee Shears, and Kate Leverton, has soared to victory, clinching a well-deserved silver medal. Their incredible journey to this point was marked by grit and talent, and it’s no surprise that they now find themselves on the winner’s podium.

The men’s event, on the other hand, has seen Pialba and Broadbeach lead their respective sections with impressive undefeated records. All eyes are now on the third round, with medal rounds looming on the horizon.

A Market for Excellence

These victories by Suburban in the women’s event highlight Townsville’s prowess and passion for lawn bowls. With the Townsville City market buzzing with talented players, Suburban’s triumph is not only a win for the club but a testament to the flourishing sports culture in our city.