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Sihot’e Nioge: Unveiling Omie Bark Cloth Art

Sihot'e Nioge: Unveiling Omie Bark Cloth Art
Image: Clarence Maire Warina, Dahoru’e Mountains [detail] 2019 

Discover the Rich Tapestry of Omie Culture

Townsville City Galleries invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Sihot’e Nioge at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

From December 8th, 2023, to February 11th, 2024, this exhibition showcases the remarkable significance of nioge and Sihot’e in Omie culture.

A Cultural Odyssey

Embark on a visual journey that unveils the essence of nioge, painted, and sihot’e, appliquéd, beaten bark cloths integral to Omie life.

Nestled in the remote mountain rainforests of Oro Province, Papua New Guinea, the Omie Tapa artists intricately weave their heritage into vibrant bark cloth art.

This artistry reflects their heritage, from the genesis of the Omie people to the present day.

The Vibrancy of Tradition

Curated by the esteemed Joan Winter, Sihot’e Nioge celebrates the diversity and vividness of bark cloth artistry.

Witness the fusion of natural products harvested from the expansive rainforest landscapes, manifesting in compositions that stand as a testament to cultural richness.

Where Heritage Blooms

Step into the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery and be transported into a world where tradition meets contemporary artistry.

Sihot’e Nioge isn’t just an exhibition; it’s an invitation to explore the vivid tapestry of Omie culture through their remarkable bark cloth art.

Bridging Worlds

This unique showcase not only illustrates the artistic prowess of the Omie Tapa artists but also acts as a bridge connecting Townsville to the rich cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this captivating display that encapsulates centuries of tradition in a vibrant visual narrative.

Journey Through Time

Experience an artistic voyage that transcends borders and time from December 8th, 2023, to February 11th, 2024, right here in Townsville

Admission is free, and all are invited to be part of this cultural exploration.