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Recreational Paradise Beckons: Ross River Dam to Open for Leisure Activities

Recreational Paradise Beckons: Ross River Dam to Open for Leisure Activities
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Townsville’s cherished Ross River Dam is set to transform into a hub for recreational delights following the council’s unanimous approval to unlock its potential for leisure.

The council’s three-stage plan promises an exciting timeline for Ross River Dam’s recreational rebirth.

By June 2024, phase one will welcome land-based fishing and leisurely strolls around the picturesque site. 

The Path to Enhanced Recreation at Ross River Dam

Should external funding materialise for UV disinfection infrastructure by June 2025, stages two and three will elevate the experience, embracing commercial and recreational boating, fishing, and even water skiing.

Deputy Mayor Mark Molachino emphasised the importance of a balanced approach, stating, While the prospects for recreational activities at the dam are promising, ensuring safety and water quality remains paramount.

Preserving Vitality

Acknowledging the dam’s significance as Townsville’s primary water source, Mayor Jenny Hill underscored the need for meticulous planning and investment in infrastructure to accommodate increased footfall.

From revamped car parking to enhanced security measures and upgraded amenities, a comprehensive overhaul is on the cards.

Collaborative Governance for a Balanced Waterfront

Mayor Hill also highlighted the formation of a Stakeholder Reference Group, aiming to include voices from the Queensland Police Service, Maritime Safety Queensland, and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, along with key community representatives.

This concerted effort seeks to ensure a harmonious blend of leisure and water management.

 A Visionary Transformation of Townsville’s Waterscape

The collaborative spirit between the Council and the community, coupled with prospective external funding avenues, indicates an exciting synergy in the creation of novel public facilities.

As Ross River Dam prepares to transition into a haven for leisure activities, Townsville’s residents anticipate a transformative era, merging nature’s tranquillity with recreational pursuits.

The staged approach signifies not just a recreational revolution but a testament to prudent planning that ensures the preservation of Townsville’s vital water source.