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Queensland’s Same Job Same Pay Initiative

Queensland's Same Job Same Pay Initiative
Image courtesy of Facebook | Mining & Energy Union

Union Takes Historic Step at Callide Mine

The Mining and Energy Union (MEU) has initiated a groundbreaking move at Batchfire’s Callide mine in Biloela, Central Queensland. 

Under new laws aimed at ensuring equality in wages, MEU lodged the first Same Job, Same Pay application at a Queensland coal mine.

Equal Pay, Equal Work

MEU’s application to the Fair Work Commission targets mineworkers employed by Workpac at Callide mine, where labour-hire workers often receive less pay for identical work.

This practice, MEU argues, is prevalent across Australia’s mining sector.

The Law Behind the Change

Thanks to the Closing Loopholes legislation passed by the Albanese Government, Same Job, Same Pay applications can be made where labour-hire workers perform the same tasks as permanent employees under an Enterprise Agreement.

A Path to Fairness

At Callide Mine, approximately 560 production operators are employed, with 40% directly hired and 60% via labour hire through Workpac.

The pay gap can range from $10,000 to $20,000 annually, prompting the MEU’s push for parity.

Looking Ahead

MEU’s Queensland District President, Mitch Hughes, highlighted the significance of this move, indicating a step towards rectifying unfair wage practices.

The union urges all labour hirers and contractor mineworkers to join forces to restore fairness across the industry.

The Same Job, Same Pay initiative isn’t just about wages; it’s about ensuring fairness and equality for all workers in Australia’s vital mining sector. As the MEU leads the charge, it marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of equitable labour practices.