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Powerlink’s 2025 Apprenticeship Program: Energising Townsville’s Future

Powerlink's 2025 Apprenticeship Program: Energising Townsville’s Future
Image courtesy of Facebook | Powerlink Queensland

The bustling energy sector in Townsville is about to receive a major boost with the opening of applications for Powerlink’s 2025 Apprenticeship Program.

This initiative offers a unique opportunity for both recent high school graduates and those looking for a career change to dive into an exciting and potentially lifelong career.

Building Bright Futures

Powerlink’s program spans four years and provides a dynamic combination of on-the-job training, technical learning, and professional development.

Participants will gain experience in various fields such as Electrical Trade (substations and secondary systems) as well as communications and control – systems.

The program offers more than just a pathway to employment; it paves the way for a sustainable future in Townsville’s energy sector, supporting the region’s critical role in shaping Queensland’s world-class energy landscape.

Practical Support and Guidance

To ensure apprentices get the most out of their experience, Powerlink provides essential resources, including tools, equipment, uniforms, and personal protective equipment.

Moreover, access to industry-leading mentors is a highlight, offering the guidance needed to thrive in this fast-paced industry.

The Powerlink 2025 Apprenticeship Program is an excellent way for individuals to build the foundational skills and experience needed to establish a long-term, rewarding career.

Applications close Monday, 27th May, so those interested should not delay their decision to apply and secure a spot in this promising opportunity.

Embrace the Future of Energy

Powerlink’s 2025 Apprenticeship Program is a stepping stone toward shaping the future of Townsville’s energy landscape.

By investing in local talent, Powerlink not only supports the growth of the Australian market but also empowers individuals to become key contributors in this critical sector.

Visit Powerlink to find out more and apply today. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Townsville’s future in energy!