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Powerlink Queensland Engages with Townsville’s Economic Leaders

Powerlink Queensland Engages with Townsville's Economic Leaders
Image courtesy of Facebook | Powerlink Queensland

In a recent meeting between Powerlink Queensland and Townsville’s economic powerhouses, significant strides were made towards the realisation of the CopperString 2032 Project.

A Decade of Advocacy Bears Fruit

Townsville Enterprise (TEL), alongside the Townsville Chamber of Commerce, stands as a pivotal force in driving economic development and shaping the region’s future.

The meeting saw Tom Dockray, the CopperString 2032 Project Director, engage with Claudia Brumme-Smith, CEO of TEL, and Heidi Turner, CEO of the Townsville Chamber. Their collaboration signifies a decade-long journey of advocacy, culminating in tangible progress.

A Shared Vision for Success

The success of CopperString 2032 hinges on robust partnerships and unwavering support. With Townsville’s business community rallying behind the project, its realisation edges closer.

Powerlink Queensland’s membership in both TEL and the Townsville Chamber underscores a shared commitment to the region’s prosperity.

Driving Economic Growth Together

As Queensland’s economy continues to evolve, initiatives like CopperString 2032 assume paramount importance. The project not only promises to bolster the energy infrastructure but also catalyse job creation and economic growth across the region.

With Townsville at its heart, CopperString 2032 embodies the collaborative spirit driving Australia’s economic landscape forward.

By fostering collaboration and leveraging collective expertise, Townsville’s economic leaders and Powerlink Queensland are laying the groundwork for a brighter, more prosperous future.