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Peri-Urban Mobile Program Enhances Connectivity for Bushfire-Prone Zones

Peri-Urban Mobile Program Enhances Connectivity for Bushfire-Prone Zones

$20 million funds improved mobile connectivity in peri-urban areas, including Townsville

In a bid to bolster mobile connectivity and mitigate risks in peri-urban fringes susceptible to bushfires, the second round of the Peri-Urban Mobile Program (PUMP) has opened applications, offering substantial grants to improve network infrastructure.

Targeted Enhancement

The initiative aims to address long-standing mobile coverage challenges in peri-urban communities, often underserved due to deployment costs, terrain difficulties, and lower population densities.

The peri-urban interface, where urban and rural landscapes merge, presents increased vulnerability to natural disasters, necessitating robust communication infrastructure.

Empowering Communities

Local councils and community groups can contribute to the cause by uploading project proposals to the project noticeboard and identifying coverage issues crucial for formulating infrastructure proposals.

Expanded eligibility now encompasses major regional cities like Townsville, recognising the need for comprehensive coverage beyond capital cities.

Australian Government’s Initiative

PUMP aligns with broader government efforts to fortify national telecommunications and broadcasting resilience, complementing programmes like the Broadcasting Resilience Program and the Mobile Network Hardening Program, collectively fortifying vital communication networks nationwide.

Opportunity for Townsville

With applications closing on March 11, 2024, this presents an opportune moment for stakeholders in Townsville to engage and capitalise on this initiative.

Prospective applicants can visit to submit proposals and contribute to fostering robust connectivity infrastructure in peri-urban areas.

The Peri-Urban Mobile Program is a beacon of progress, enriching connectivity and bolstering resilience in areas vulnerable to natural calamities, promising transformative benefits for peri-urban communities, including Townsville.