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Name Revealed for Townsville’s Newest Luxury Haven

Name Revealed for Townsville's Newest Luxury Haven
Image courtesy Instagram | Ardo

Ardo: A Celebration of Passion and Tropical Splendour

A new jewel is set to grace the vibrant landscape of Townsville, enhancing its allure for locals and tourists alike.

Morris Group has unveiled its latest venture, the stunning $88 million luxury hotel, Ardo.

Embracing the spirit of ardour, this opulent resort is poised to redefine the pinnacle of tropical North Queensland hospitality.

Elevating Tropical Opulence

Ardo is a manifestation of luxurious living, offering unparalleled experiences through premium accommodation, world-class dining, a lavish day spa, and a breathtaking rooftop pool deck and bar.

With panoramic vistas extending across the Coral Sea to Magnetic Island, every aspect of Ardo exudes a passion for excellence and a celebration of this unique locale.

This grand venture marks a significant milestone in Morris Group’s portfolio, complementing its esteemed collection of properties, including The Ville, Orpheus Island Lodge, Daintree Ecolodge, and Mt. Mulligan Lodge.

Catalyst for Tourism Growth

Executive Chairman Chris Morris highlighted the pivotal role Ardo will play in elevating North Queensland’s tourism industry.

Recognising the unmet demand for luxury accommodations, Morris emphasised the hotel’s contribution to bridging this gap and enhancing the region’s allure for discerning travellers.

The development of Ardo is not just a testament to opulence but also a catalyst for economic growth. With an estimated creation of over 380 jobs during construction and operation, this project is poised to invigorate the local economy.

A Visionary Addition to Townsville’s Charm

The Ville CEO, Michael Jones, expressed excitement about Ardo’s integration into Townsville‘s leisure and entertainment precinct. 

Envisioning a comprehensive destination, he highlighted how Ardo’s arrival will enrich the existing offerings, amplifying the region’s appeal for leisure and entertainment seekers.

As construction progresses towards its slated completion by late 2023, the anticipation for Ardo’s opening grows. Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements unveiling the exquisite dining and bar experiences that will further elevate Ardo’s allure.