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Mayor’s Christmas Appeal Illuminates Townsville’s Generosity

Mayor’s Christmas Appeal Illuminates Townsville’s Generosity
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The Mayor’s Christmas Appeal surpasses $100,000 in donations, offering vital support to victims of domestic violence this festive season.

In a heartwarming display of community solidarity, Townsville’s Mayor, Jenny Hill, announced the astounding success of the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal, where generosity shone brightly, amassing over $100,000 in donations.

This remarkable fund is poised to make a meaningful impact on aiding victims of domestic and family violence during this festive season.

Supporting the Vulnerable

Ten commendable community groups stand to benefit from this outpouring of kindness, receiving vital financial support.

Among the recipients, Yumba Meta emerges as a beacon, being granted a substantial $20,000.

Dushy Thangiah, the CEO of Yumba Meta, expressed heartfelt gratitude, highlighting the crucial role these funds will play in providing safe havens for women and children seeking refuge from abusive environments.

Transformative Aid

Ms. Thangiah elucidated the profound effect these contributions will have, illuminating plans to enhance shelter facilities, making them more nurturing and secure.

This proactive approach includes investments in upgraded living spaces, encompassing new kitchenware, outdoor furniture, and recreational resources.

Such initiatives will indubitably alleviate the daunting transition for those seeking safety and solace.

Community Unity

Reflecting on the overwhelming success of the appeal, Mayor Hill extolled the community’s unwavering commitment to fostering a compassionate and inclusive city.

The tangible impact on organisations like Northreach and The Women’s Centre amplifies the reach of these contributions, directly benefiting families impacted by domestic and family violence.

Embracing Hope

Amidst the joyous festivities, Sallie Kearnan of The Women’s Centre acknowledged the profound emotional distress many families face during this period.

The allocated funds will be a beacon of hope, assisting in securing essentials and providing solace for those affected.

In this season of giving, Townsville shines brightly as a bastion of support and compassion, affirming that together, the community stands resolute in creating a safer and more nurturing environment for all its residents.