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Groundbreaking NQ Spark Set to Transform Townsville’s Economy

Groundbreaking NQ Spark Set to Transform Townsville's Economy
image courtesy of TROPiQ NQ Spark business case overview

A $35 Million Investment for Townsville’s Future

The North Queensland Simulation Park (NQ Spark), a visionary project with a £35 million investment, is poised to revolutionise Townsville’s economic landscape.

This innovative simulation facility is not only a game-changer for the region but also a significant boost to the Australian economy.

A Hub of Innovation and Growth

NQ Spark’s primary objective is to establish itself as the leading centre for education, training, and research commercialisation. This ambitious project has strategic significance, aiming to bolster the presence of the Defence and Science Industries in North Queensland, which promises high-paying, knowledge-intensive job opportunities.

Building Prosperity with 727 Jobs

The building phase alone is expected to generate 727 jobs, with 221 direct hires, adding to a thriving local workforce. When NQ Spark goes live, 595 jobs will be generated, with 259 being direct ones, ensuring a steady employment base.

A Bridge to Innovation

NQ Spark, Northern Australia’s pioneering collaborative industry hub, is uniquely focused on developing defence capability and research. This facility, strategically located in Douglas between James Cook UniversityTownsville University Hospital, and Lavarack Barracks, spans approximately 13,400 square metres of commercial industry space.

A Collective Effort for Success

Developed under the TropiQ partnership, with unwavering support from Townsville City Council, James Cook University, Townsville Hospital and Health Service, and the Queensland Government, NQ Spark represents the epitome of collaboration.

It harnesses regional expertise in science, defence, health, and knowledge to create an advanced environmental simulation facility and technology-oriented precinct.

The Road Ahead

The Townsville City Council is now seeking confirmation of Commonwealth funding as part of the Townsville City Deal, with the hope of leveraging the upcoming federal election to secure financial commitments for this groundbreaking project. The future for Townsville’s economic growth and innovation has never looked brighter.