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Golden Plate 23: Where Gastronomy Meets Military Precision

Golden Plate 23: Where Gastronomy Meets Military Precision
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Army chefs engaged in a culinary showdown

Army chefs from the 10th Force Support Battalion engaged in a culinary showdown at Exercise Golden Plate 23, showcasing their prowess in both cuisine and military skills.

In a sizzling culinary face-off, ten teams from the Australian and New Zealand Army Catering Corps battled it out at Gallipoli Barracks.

The event, now in its third year, went beyond the kitchen, blending gourmet challenges with military exercises.

Culinary Mastery Amidst Combat

The competition tested six teams through mystery-box challenges, hot-box showdowns, and a high-stakes fine-dining extravaganza.

Corporal Samantha Kenafake emerged victorious with her impeccable trio of dishes, astonishing judges and competitors alike.

From Field Kitchens to Fine Dining

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Hawley commended the chefs’ ability to transform basic ingredients into restaurant-quality meals in field kitchens, proving their versatility and skillset.

The competition showcased not only culinary flair but also military prowess, with challenges encompassing shooting exercises and water obstacle courses.

Teamwork and Adaptability

Townsville’s 1st Catering Platoon clinched the coveted Golden Plate for their exceptional teamwork, excelling not only in culinary expertise but also in military skills.

Corporal Mitchell Pace highlighted the challenges of working in non-air-conditioned kitchens and shared spaces, emphasising adaptability and resourcefulness.

Beyond Borders

The New Zealand team, fresh from their competition, praised the soldiering school day, a highlight that allowed them to engage in military activities rarely experienced in culinary events.

The Future Awaits

As the winners prepare for their next adventure in Canberra, where they will work alongside top military chefs, plans are underway for Australian chefs to participate in the New Zealand competition next year.

Exercise Golden Plate 23 showcased not just culinary excellence but also the adaptability and multifaceted skills of army chefs, cementing their prowess beyond the kitchen’s confines.