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Former MasterChef Finalist Cooks Up Success in Townsville

Former MasterChef Finalist Cooks Up Success in Townsville
Image supplied | Carinity Education Shalom’s Head of Secondary, and former MasterChef New Zealand star Stuart Todd, lends a hand in the school kitchen.

Former MasterChef New Zealand finalist Stuart Todd has made a remarkable career shift from culinary TV to the classroom, bringing his passion for food and education to Carinity Education Shalom, a unique Australian school specialising in education for Indigenous Australian children.

A Holistic Approach to Education

Carinity Education Shalom, located in Townsville’s tropical far north, provides a comprehensive support network for students and families. As the Head of Secondary school, Todd oversees a holistic approach to education, extending beyond academics. The school picks students up from their doorstep, provides breakfast, and even delivers report cards to homes.

A Culinary Journey Transformed

Stuart Todd’s journey from teaching in New Zealand to competing on MasterChef NZ and eventually leading in Carinity Education Shalom is one marked by passion and resilience.

His love for food began with cooking experiments alongside his mother, propelling him into the culinary world and the final three of the TV competition.

After balancing culinary and educational responsibilities, Todd found his calling in student well-being and secondary school leadership. His hands-on approach includes developing a new Food Technology Centre and teaching hospitality.

The Reward of Making a Difference

Todd’s role allows him to make a positive impact on students’ lives every day. His commitment is evident in the smiles and positive interactions that characterise Carinity Education Shalom.

He credits the passion of teachers for inspiring students and finds fulfilment in the daily opportunity to plant seeds of change and witness their growth.

“The passion of the teachers shines through to the students because when we are excited about something, they get excited,” Todd shares.

Stuart Todd’s journey from MasterChef to Townsville’s Carinity Education Shalom is a testament to his dedication to education and the difference one person can make in the lives of young people.