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CQUniversity Paves the Way for Inclusive Higher Education in Australia

CQUniversity Paves the Way for Inclusive Higher Education in Australia
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Empowering Low-Income Students and Transforming Lives

In a groundbreaking revelation, new data from Australia’s Department of Education has positioned CQUniversity as the vanguard in fostering accessible higher education for low-income students.

The figures disclosed by the Sydney Morning Herald underscore a remarkable 43% of CQUniversity’s undergraduate students hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds in 2022, in stark contrast to the national average of 16.22%.

This not only places CQUniversity in a league of its own but also emphasises the pivotal role regional universities play in bridging the gap to equitable education.

Leading the Charge

CQUniversity Vice President for Student Success, Professor Jonathan Powles, expressed pride in the university’s role in serving students facing significant economic challenges.

He highlighted how regional universities, especially CQUniversity, are at the forefront of ensuring all Australians, regardless of their socio-economic status, have access to quality higher education.

Professor Powles emphasised, “It’s not a level playing field, and people doing it tough, especially those from regional areas, aren’t being supported evenly by Australia’s universities.”

Recognising Excellence in Social Equity

The accolades don’t end there. The 2023 Australian Good Universities Guide rated CQUniversity as number one in the country for social equity for the fifth consecutive year.

Notably, 49% of CQUniversity students are the first in their families to attend university, highlighting the institution’s commitment to providing opportunities for those breaking new ground in their families.

The Human Element

Professor Powles shared compelling stories of resilience among students facing additional challenges, such as mature-aged individuals managing studies alongside work and family commitments and overcoming personal adversities.

He stressed the importance of recognising these unique struggles and ensuring that higher education remains accessible and supportive.

National Recognition and Future Priorities

As the Australian Universities Accord Panel presents its final report, CQUniversity anticipates contributing to the dialogue surrounding accessible and inclusive pathways for students.

Professor Powles expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with the Federal Government to address the disparities and make higher education opportunities truly accessible to all Australians, irrespective of their geographical location or background.

In essence, CQUniversity is not just an educational institution; it’s a catalyst for change, transforming lives and dismantling barriers to higher education, setting a benchmark for universities across the nation.

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