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CPB Contractors Spearheads Mental Health Awareness in Australia’s Construction Industry

CPB Contractors Spearheads Mental Health Awareness in Australia’s Construction Industry
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Australia’s construction giant, CPB Contractors, is leading a groundbreaking mental health campaign on over 60 projects nationwide, urging workers to embrace their quirkiest workwear. 

Teaming up with TradeMutt, a social impact PPE brand, the initiative aims to address the alarming mental health challenges in the construction sector, where over 200 workers succumb to suicide annually.

A Bold Step: Australia’s Largest Funky Shirt Friday

In response to the pervasive mental health crisis in the construction industry, CPB Contractors has joined forces with TradeMutt to launch “Australia’s Largest Funky Shirt Friday.”

This initiative seeks to encourage open conversations among workers, fostering a supportive environment.

Sarah O’Neill, CPB Contractors’ Executive General Manager of People and Culture, emphasised the importance of mental and emotional well-being on major job sites, underscoring that it is as crucial as physical safety.

The Construction Conundrum: A Mental Health Epidemic

Australia’s construction industry, employing 44% of workers aged 15–44, faces a mental health epidemic, with over a million full-time workers.

With work intensifying nationwide, CPB Contractors and TradeMutt are committed to prioritising mental health and well-being. The campaign signals a proactive approach to address the industry-wide issue head-on.

Funky Fashion for a Cause: TradeMutt’s Impact

Founded in 2018, TradeMutt, known for its eye-catching retail workwear, doubles as a conversation starter.

The campaign, named “Building Connections,” showcases a custom PPE workwear collection designed to initiate dialogue.

TradeMutt’s innovative approach extends beyond fashion, with TIACS, a free mental health counselling service accessible to the blue-collar workforce, supported by 50% of TradeMutt’s profits.

Driving Cultural Change: The Industry’s Response

Dan Allen, co-founder of TradeMutt, expressed gratitude for CPB Contractors’ support in driving a cultural shift. With every Friday turning into Funky Shirt Friday, the initiative intends to dismantle stigmas and create an ongoing reminder that help is just a conversation away.

CPB Contractors, boasting over 120 Mental Health Champions, Mental Health First Aiders, and Mates in Construction employees, encourages mental health training courses to amplify awareness and advocacy.