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CopperString’s Impact on Townsville: A Transformative Energy Project

CopperString's Impact on Townsville: A Transformative Energy Project
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Powering a Bright Future for North Queensland

In a groundbreaking development, Townsville is set to become a key player in Australia’s energy landscape with the announcement of the SuperGrid Training Centre and Transmission Hub.

This 10-hectare facility at Cleveland Bay Industrial Park marks a significant milestone, elevating Townsville as a prominent energy hub.

Strategic Expansion Beyond SEQ

For the first time, a training facility of this scale has been established outside of South East Queensland (SEQ).

The SuperGrid Training Centre aims to build long-term capacity in North Queensland, providing a platform to source, train, and retain local talent.

This initiative ensures ongoing opportunities in the energy sector for generations to come.

Townsville Enterprise Paves the Way

Townsville Enterprise, in collaboration with Hon. Michael (Mick) de Brenni, Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, has played a pivotal role in securing this transformative project.

The Transmission Hub, part of Australia’s largest energy project, underscores the commitment to job creation. Shovels are set to hit the ground this year, heralding the formal commencement of construction.

A Year of Growth and Opportunities

Minister de Brenni expressed enthusiasm for the benefits that the Queensland SuperGrid is already bringing to Townsville and North Queensland.

The State Government’s focus on job creation is evident with the announcement of a 22-strong workforce for Townsville and the initiation of 35 new apprentices at Powerlink.

Commitment to Infrastructure and Water Security

As the project gains momentum, Townsville Enterprise calls on the government to honour commitments made for infrastructure development.

An infrastructure audit of the Flinders Highway is crucial to accommodate the expected growth in freight demand from CopperString, critical mineral projects, and renewable energy initiatives.

Addressing Water Challenges

Water security remains a critical concern, particularly with the imminent commencement of CopperString.

Townsville Enterprise emphasises the importance of supporting shovel-ready water projects, such as the Hughenden Offstream Storage project.

This initiative, part of the Unlock the North platform, is vital to ensuring the project’s success.

Energising Tomorrow

Townsville’s ascendancy as an energy hub through the SuperGrid Training Centre and Transmission Hub is not just a local triumph but a significant milestone for the entire Australian energy sector.

As Townsville evolves into a powerhouse of innovation, these developments not only meet current needs but also future-proof the region for generations to come.