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CopperString Energising North Queensland: A Power Surge in Job Opportunities

CopperString Energising North Queensland: A Power Surge in Job Opportunities

Powerlink’s Townsville-based apprentices kickstart Queensland’s SuperGrid

In a groundbreaking move, Powerlink, a key player in the CopperString project, is set to recruit apprentices from Townsville for the first time, marking a significant step towards creating local job opportunities in North Queensland.

A 22-person team will be stationed in Townsville, contributing to the development of the Queensland SuperGrid and training the next generation of SuperGrid Superheroes.

Training for Tomorrow in Townsville

The group, based at the interim SuperGrid Training Centre and Transmission Hub at Bohle, will play a pivotal role in supporting the progress of CopperString.

The permanent 10-hectare hub, announced recently, will be situated at the Cleveland Bay Industrial Park, bringing long-term benefits to the region.

Powerlink’s Pioneering Initiative

Powerlink’s CEO, Paul Simshauser, emphasises the company’s commitment to North Queensland, stating, “Growing our presence in North Queensland is a sign of our longer-term commitment to the region.”

The recruitment drive aligns with the company’s vision to build the electrical superhighway of the north, with CopperString at its core.

A Boost for the Economy

Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, Mick de Brenni, underscores the broader impact of the project, noting that it will not only create skilled jobs but also benefit local businesses.

Over $400,000 has already been injected into the North Queensland economy by Powerlink, with numerous local businesses reaping the rewards.

An additional 450 businesses, including 250 from regional Queensland, have expressed interest in participating in the state-defining project.

CopperString: A Catalyst for Growth

The project, connecting the largest renewable energy zone on the east coast to critical minerals worth half a billion dollars, is set to transform North Queensland.

Minister de Brenni, accompanied by a cohort of apprentices, will tour the proposed CopperString route in the coming days to better understand the project’s far-reaching benefits for the region.

Opportunities Knocking for Local Businesses

With 50 work packages released for Expressions of Interest, covering a spectrum of activities and services, local suppliers have until January 31st to register their interest.

The initiative not only fosters job creation but also opens avenues for small businesses to contribute to this state-defining project.

Political Support and Community Enthusiasm

The project enjoys bipartisan support, with MPs Scott Stewart, Les Walker, and Aaron Harper highlighting the tremendous opportunities CopperString presents for critical minerals and infrastructure development in Townsville and North Queensland.

As Powerlink’s apprentices embark on their journey, CopperString stands as a beacon of progress, offering not just electricity but a surge in job opportunities for the region.