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CivilPlus Constructions Takes Center Stage in Port Expansion

CivilPlus Constructions Takes Center Stage in Port Expansion
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Local Talent at the Helm

CivilPlus Constructions Appointed for Crucial Port Work

As Townsville’s bustling port continues its journey towards expansion, exciting developments are afoot. The Port of Townsville’s Channel Upgrade project, which commenced in March 2020, is making significant strides.

CivilPlus Constructions Pty Ltd. has been entrusted with a pivotal $1.5 million work package, heralding a critical phase in this monumental $251 million project. So, what’s all the buzz about?

A Pathway to Progress

The Eastern Breakwater, standing as the guardian of Townsville’s port, is in for a transformation. CivilPlus Constructions, a proudly local company, will commence the exciting task of shortening the breakwater, opening up a doorway to channel widening at the port’s coastal end.

This improvement is an important component of the Channel Upgrade project, which, when finished by the end of 2024, will allow larger vessels to enter our busy port.

Powering Local Growth

The choice of CivilPlus Constructions for this vital role highlights the Port of Townsville’s commitment to utilising local expertise. It’s not just a nod to their commitment; it’s a whole-hearted embrace.

As General Manager Project Delivery David McLoughlin points out, the port is devoted to supporting local businesses. Over the last financial year, they spent a commendable $14.3 million with Townsville and Lucinda-based businesses, showing their dedication to the community.

Jobs Ahoy!

As the project takes shape, it’s not just the port that’s set to benefit. CivilPlus Constructions is thrilled to be part of the Channel Upgrade project, and it’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about livelihoods, too.

This project is anticipated to create employment opportunities for up to 15 local workers, with full-time and part-time positions up for grabs.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

The project commenced on November 2, 2023, with operations scheduled during daylight hours, Monday through Friday, ensuring no disruption to shipping during the approximately 10-week endeavour. This focused approach demonstrates dedication to both progress and efficiency.

Charting the Future

With the Channel Upgrade project underway, the Townsville port is primed for an exciting transformation. As local talent takes the helm, the future promises wider channels, larger ships, and, most importantly, the continued growth of Townsville’s thriving industries.