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Celebrating the Hall of Fame Induction of Steve “Pricey” Price

Celebrating the Hall of Fame Induction of Steve "Pricey" Price
image courtesy of LinkedIn | Commercial Radio & Audio

A Resounding Ovation for a Radio Icon

In a night filled with stars, one name shone brighter than ever at the 34th Australian Commercial Radio and Audio Awards (ACRAs) – Steve “Pricey” Price. The legendary broadcaster, known as the voice of Townsville, officially joined the Hall of Fame, and the Townsville City market couldn’t be prouder.

A Remarkable Legacy in Regional Radio

For an astounding 52 years, Steve “Pricey” Price has been a cornerstone of the Australian radio industry. For the past three decades, his influence has been particularly profound in Townsville. His remarkable journey, spanning over half a century, has made him a true icon in the world of broadcasting.

Pricey, as he’s affectionately known, exemplifies the magic of regional radio. In his own words, “You should be proud to work in regional radio; you can make some magic there. And that’s where I learned about the magic that happens outside the studio and in the community. I don’t work for the station; I work for my audience.”

Recognising Dedication and Impact

Pricey’s perspective, “It’s not a job, it is a privilege,” encapsulates his unwavering commitment to his role and community. His dedication has not gone unnoticed. It’s this very dedication that has made him a Townsville legend, a powerful voice, and now an ACRAs Hall of Fame inductee.

A Friend to the Community

Beyond the microphone, Pricey has been a friend to the Townsville community. Organisations like Althea Projects have benefited from his support over the years. They express their appreciation for his unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions. Pricey’s hard work in the community is truly priceless and cherished.

Enriching the North’s Media Landscape

Mayor Jenny Hill commends Pricey for his extraordinary commitment to neighbourhood issues and community causes, as well as for giving the voiceless a voice. His astute observations and insightful interviews have improved the city’s media environment and expanded the public’s knowledge of significant issues. Pricey embodies the North’s people with his distinctive voice.