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Breaking Barriers: Townsville’s CALD Community Speaks Up

Breaking Barriers: Townsville's CALD Community Speaks Up
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Patient Feedback Sessions Bridge Language Divide

Townsville’s initiative to embrace its diverse cultural and linguistic community has taken a significant stride forward.

Louise Warren, a patient advisory liaison officer, recently spearheaded a groundbreaking series of feedback sessions tailored for North African migrants residing in Townsville.

The focus groups aimed to include those still grappling with English or conversing in other languages.

Embracing Diversity

The inaugural session convened the Townsville Multicultural Support Group, specifically engaging members fluent in Swahili.

Louise highlighted the pivotal need for inclusivity, noting, Non-English-speaking backgrounds were underrepresented in feedback surveys, mainly due to language barriers.”

The determination to hear and understand their experiences as patients drove this proactive step.

Valuing Voices in Healthcare

Sibbo Innocent Sengabo, a member of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service Consumer Advisory Council, facilitated the session as an interpreter.

Reflecting on the event, he emphasised its unprecedented nature, affirming that participants felt genuinely valued through this initiative.

Fostering Inclusivity

This move signifies a crucial shift towards a more inclusive healthcare system, ensuring that diverse voices are not only heard but also acknowledged.

It’s a testament to Townsville’s commitment to fostering a healthcare environment where every individual’s narrative holds significance.

Townsville’s Inspirational Initiative

In an age where diversity and inclusion are paramount, Townsville’s initiative sets a remarkable example.

It not only breaks language barriers but also builds a bridge of understanding and connectivity within the community, reflecting a healthcare system that truly values each person’s story.

This initiative is a testament to Townsville’s dedication to creating a healthcare environment where everyone’s voice matters.

It’s a step forward in ensuring that diverse communities are not just heard but also respected and valued.