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Anchoring Oceanic Excellence: Townsville Welcomes New AIMS Chief

Anchoring Oceanic Excellence: Townsville Welcomes New AIMS Chief
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Marine Conservation Visionary Set to Drive Australian Research in Townsville

Professor Selina Stead, a distinguished marine biologist with a trailblazing portfolio, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).

Her tenure, commencing in February 2024, marks a significant stride for Australia’s marine research frontiers.

A Visionary Leader

Professor Stead brings a wealth of experience, hailing from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, where she served as the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Environment.

Notably, she holds the mantle of the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor for the Marine Management Organisation, showcasing her adeptness in steering crucial marine initiatives.

Charting a Course for Ocean Health

With a mandate spanning five years, Professor Stead steps into her role amid a critical juncture for marine ecosystems worldwide.

Her expertise in coral reef ecosystems, aquaculture, and fisheries promises a pivotal impetus to Australia’s scientific landscape, especially given the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

A Global Perspective Anchored in Townsville

Professor Stead’s connection to Townsville dates back to an inspiring encounter with a visiting scientist decades ago, underscoring the city’s enduring influence on global marine conservation efforts.

Her commitment to fostering oceanic health aligns seamlessly with Townsville’s strategic location as a hub for marine research and conservation in the region.

Continued Excellence in Leadership

Professor Stead succeeds Mr. Basil Ahyick, whose interim leadership ensured a seamless transition and sustained momentum for AIMS.

Her appointment signifies a reinforcement of AIMS’ global reputation in coral reef science, resonating with the organisation’s commitment to innovation and scientific excellence.

Professor Selina Stead’s ascendancy as the second female leader of AIMS heralds a new era of pioneering research and stewardship in Australia’s marine science landscape.

As she prepares to take the helm in Townsville, her vision, backed by years of experience and dedication, promises a transformative voyage towards safeguarding our oceans’ future.