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ADF’s Vital Role in Queensland Flood Recovery

ADF's Vital Role in Queensland Flood Recovery
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Supporting Devastated Communities in Far North Queensland

In the aftermath of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper’s wrath in late December, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has played a crucial role in aiding flood-ravaged communities across Queensland’s far north.

Working in collaboration with government agencies and contracted organisations, ADF personnel, including reservists from Queensland’s 11th Brigade and units from the Townsville area, have been instrumental in assisting communities to rebuild.

Logistics Mastery in Challenging Terrains

Lieutenant Colonel Peita Fraser, Commanding Officer of Joint Task Unit 629.3.4, highlighted the ADF’s versatile contributions, encompassing logistics, planning, and specialist capabilities in aviation, maritime, and engineering.

With damaged roads and limited access hampering recovery efforts, the 5th Aviation Regiment Chinooks and the 10th Force Support Battalion landing craft have played pivotal roles in delivering commercial and military equipment to recovery teams.

Multifaceted Support for Comprehensive Recovery

Lieutenant Colonel Fraser explained, “Our CH-47F Chinooks have been delivering equipment, personnel, and supplies by air, while the Army LCM8 landing craft crew works tirelessly to transport cargo by sea.

Additionally, Army engineers, collaborating with partner agencies like Q-Build, have been actively involved in repairing and improving public infrastructure and aiding in the cleanup of flood damage.

Local Collaboration for Long-Term Resilience

Dianne Grey, Queensland Reconstruction Authority Director of Integration and Coordination, praised the collaborative spirit between locals, businesses, state agencies, and the Defence Force.

This concerted effort, enabled by resilient locals, has facilitated timely resupply and emergency relief. Grey emphasised, “The partnerships forged will stand us in good stead for the long-term recovery of communities devastated by TC Jasper.”

Lieutenant Colonel Fraser expressed pride in assisting fellow Queenslanders, stating, “The Joint Task Unit, composed predominantly of reservists from Queensland’s 11th Brigade and supported by units from the Townsville area, is proud to assist our fellow Queenslanders in times of need.

In this united effort, the Defence Force’s intervention becomes a poignant testament to Australians pulling together in times of crisis.