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A Breath of Fresh Air: RACGP Supports New Smoking Cessation Aid

A Breath of Fresh Air: RACGP Supports New Smoking Cessation Aid

In a pivotal move to combat nicotine addiction, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has thrown its weight behind the approval of Cytisine, a promising drug designed to assist individuals in their journey to quit smoking.

Support Amidst Change

The Therapeutic Goods Administration recently received a private application to list Cytisine as a potential smoking cessation medicine, and RACGP President Dr. Nicole Higgins has emphasised its potential impact.

With existing medications facing removal from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, including nicotine replacement therapy options like patches, the need for alternative tools to tackle nicotine addiction is more crucial than ever.

Proven Track Record

Cytisine is not a newcomer in the fight against smoking. With a track record dating back to the 1960s in Eastern Europe, the medicine has demonstrated effectiveness with minimal side effects.

Dr. Higgins stressed the urgency of approving Cytisine, especially in the face of escalating nicotine vaping trends, particularly among the youth.

A Call to Action

Dr. Higgins urged individuals looking to quit nicotine to consult with their GP. With proven strategies, advice, and now, potential access to Cytisine, there’s a comprehensive toolkit available to support every step of the journey.

In a plea to the government, Dr. Higgins emphasised the importance of preventing the removal of nicotine patches from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, underscoring the collective effort needed to overcome the challenges of nicotine addiction in Australia.

As the battle against nicotine use intensifies, the approval of Cytisine emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a lifeline to those striving for a smoke-free future.